Przyspieszanie MacBooka Pro z 2010 roku

Zbiór linków do materia?ów dotycz?cych wymiany dysku na SSD, odpowiedniej konfiguracji, w??czenia funkcji Fusion Drive, wymiany pami?ci RAM i wszystkich tematów powi?zanych.

MacBook Pro — Wikipedia

Mid 2010; MacBookPro7,1; 1,066 MHz front side bus; 1066 MHz PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM; SATA 3 Gbit/s

SATA II or III on late 2010 MBP – Also SATA III and SSD performance — Apple Support Communities

This is simple – all (exept crucial C300) sata3 SSDs are built on new generation of controllers. Previos gen controllers just can’t achive more than around 225 Mb/s writing speeds and only best of prev gen drives can saturate sata 2 bus on reading – achieving 260-270 Mb/s speeds. At the same time, ANY of new sata3 drives will fully utilise sata2 bus – around 270/270 read/write speed, anytime, warranted.

Making the leap to SSD on a MacBook — Remiel

Why not install the SSD in the regular hard drive bay?
Good idea! The only problem is that the regular hard drive bay is the only bay that features sudden motion protection. If you drop your MacBook, it’s smart enough to safely park your non-SSD hard drive so it won’t be damaged by the impact. The optical bay interface has no such feature. This is harmless to your shiny new SSD because it has no moving parts, but any spinning platter-based drive will be at risk if installed in the optical bay.

Those who have SSD/Optibay HDD combos – Which HD do you have? — Ars Technica OpenForum

Also cut a thin foam strip and filled the opening to the Optibay (mine’s a cheap knock-off that wasn’t sealed) and sealed the inside of the optical bay slot a bit. Made the system a lot quieter, since the sound of the drive is no longer channeled directly out of the optical drive slot. Temps don’t seem to have changed significantly.

Booting from SSD in optibay — Ask Different

Now after you get all your pieces in place, be sure to go to System Preferences > Start Up Disk and set your SSD as the startup disk. If you don’t, it might delay your boot time because it thinks it has to look for the disk in the Original HD Bay.

How to keep Optibay hard drive in sleep mode until needed — MacRumors Forums

I recently installed a SSD in my MBP and I had problems keeping the spinning hard drive in sleep mode. You can follow this guide to decrease the amount of time it takes for the hard drive to sleep. The default is 10 minutes which is way to high. You can either use Cocktail or use the “sudo pmset -a disksleep X” command in terminal(replace x with number of minutes). Then you need to disable spotlight to prevent it from waking up the drive every 5 minutes.

For me the problem wasn’t the battery life, it was the benefit of a almost completely silent laptop. Plus, now I don’t have to worry that much about moving my mbp when it’s on, especially considering that the sms sensor doesn’t work in this configuration.

Apple fusion drive on late 2010 MacBook Pro — Tomasz Korwel

The only thing I can say is this. I’ve confirmed that:
a) iostat shows that there is movement of data between drives when the system is idle
b) iostat shows that after you repeatedly read a piese of data it will be moved to SSD
c) contrary to SSD you can actually hear HDD and it’s easy to hear when data is being read from it and when it’s not
Overall performance of my machine did improved greatly and I’m very happy with it.
I’ll post a more detailed post shortly showing what I saw on my machine.

Best Mac SSD: 6 solid state drives reviewed and rated — TechRadar

All of the drives listed here support trim, but it also needs to be supported by the computer, and Macs are only enabled to use trim with Apple-supplied SSDs by default. Download Trim Enabler and you can activate trim for any of these drives, though.

Though the different drives here show strengths in different areas, we’ve decided to give the Samsung 840 series the overall award over its closest competition, the Kingston SSDNow V300, because it beats it out in what we consider to be the two most important categories: speed and value, while also being rated for better reliability.

Installing MacBook Pro 13? Unibody Mid 2010 Dual Hard Drive — iFixit

Don’t ditch that drive! You can still use your optical drive externally with the help of our SATA Optical Drive USB Cable.

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Learn how to remove or install memory in your MacBook Pro notebook computer.